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European Youth & The Future of University Education

European Inventors Week celebrates Europe as a driver of invention, innovation and prosperity. Scroll down, learn more and get involved!

ThinkYoung and SEK Education Group undertook an 8-month research project to investigate and analyse the experiences, views, and priorities of young European students and graduates on the future of university education. The research analysed responses from over 3,500 young people between 18 and 29 years old, across 13 European countries and the UK.

On November 8th,
we will be presenting this research and engaging in discussions about the experiences and perspectives of young European students and graduates. We'll be exploring how technology, such as AI, online tools, and the Metaverse, is reshaping education and talking about the preferences of young individuals regarding new learning methods.

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The Programme

During the official European Inventors Week, several events will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels.
The on-site programme will feature a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, roundtable discussions and interviews with inventors, experts and many others.



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In this section you will find material which will help you organise your EIW event, and how to spread the word among your community.
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- Join us in the on-site Programme webinars and other activities

Open Call: Organise your EIW event

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The European Inventors Week stems from the #HiddenInventors campaigns promoted by ThinkYoung and aimed to celebrate European inventors - past, present and future — putting the spotlight on inventors few of us have heard of, but whose inventions we all know and use.

Learn more about European Hidden Inventors!

Community Resources

#HiddenInventors Resources

Hidden Inventors
How divergent thinking can foster the inventiveness in Europe

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Hidden Inventors
20 European Inventors you should know

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